Summer School on democratic resilience to cascading disasters

Dr Clara Egger, in partnership with Dr Francesca Giardini, were granted seed money to develop a new summer school on the dynamics of resilience to cascading disasters. 

Combining advanced theoretical knowledge with practical methodological skills, this summer school will address the determinants of resilience to cascading disasters in an interdisciplinary manner by focusing on organizational settings and institutional arrangements. Participants will be equipped with knowledge and skills allowing them to analyze the political environment of cascading disasters, criticalities in existing organizations, build risk awareness in communities, strengthen disaster management institutions and build more resilient societies. The intensive one-week programme will combine lectures, panel discussions and group work with the aim to offer inter- and trans-disciplinary perspectives on risk awareness and preparedness.

Researchers from the EXCEPTIUS project will particular contribute expertise to the following issues:

  1. What are the analytical tools and frameworks allowing to analyse the dimensions of democratic governance?
  2. How can crisis decision-making be designed in a way that maximizes the containment of the cascade effects of a crisis and minimizes the harms of democratic legitimacy, public trust, and social cohesion?
  3. Which methodological tools can we use to assess the resilience of democracies before, during and after crises?

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