Project partners

The project’s partners include national team leaders who are managing national data collection (on metrics of exceptionalism and on the impacts of exceptionalism). In the largest countries, especially characterized by decentralized/ federal policy-making, several team leaders are collaborating to collect data.  

If you wish to contact the partners, please send us a request for the email or follow the link to email directly.

University of Louvain

Prof. Claire Dupuy, national leader

Expertise: federalism, regionalization, comparative public policy, policy feedbacks

Coder: Tom Massart

University of Tartu

Dr. Piret Ehin, Associate Professor

Expertise: Political science, comparative politics, European integration, democracy, elections, public opinion, EU institutions and politics

Tampere University

Dr. Corentin Poyet, Postdoctoral Researcher

Expertise: Representation, comparative analysis, electoral studies, institutional analysis, local governance, quantitative data analysis, political behavior, elections, survey methodology and data analysis

University of Grenoble Alpes

Prof. Dr. Sébastian Roche

Expertise: Public policy analysis, governance, security, development studies, child development, sociology, social exclusion, legislation, political sociology, international security

Prof. Dr. Raul Magni-Berton

Expertise: democracy, immigration, protests, redistribution, citizenship, elections

Coding team: Constance Morel, Olivia Debout, Sarah Morretti


Dr. Valeria Verdolini

Expertise: Security and safety, prisons, post-colonial methods and theories, power, migrations, crime & deviance, critical criminology; qualitative methods

Coder: Michela Trichinese

University of Luxembourg

Prof. Dr. Josip Glaurdic, Associate Professor

Coder: Gilles Lanners

University of Malta

Dr. Anna Khakee

Expertise : states of emergency, democratization, democracy promotion

Christa Callus

Expertise: human rights, humanitarian emergency settings

University of Groningen

Prof Dr Kees Aarts, Professor of Political Institutions and Behaviour, Dean of the Faculty BSS

Expertise: democracy, elections, political behavior

Dr Clara Egger, Assistant Professor

Expertise: comparative politics, international cooperation, human rights

Eugénie de Saint-Phalle, Postdoctoral Researcher

Expertise: automated content analysis, party competition, party image

Dr. Tommaso Caselli, Assistant Professor

Expertise: event extraction, temporal processing, storyline extraction, sentiment analysis, emotion detection

Thijs Vos, Research Assistant

Georgios Tziafas, Research Assistant

University of Warsaw

Dr. Patrycja Grzebyk, Associate Professor

Expertise: international law (law of armed conflicts, international criminal law, human rights law)

Dr. Wojciech Brzozowski, Associate Professor

Expertise: constitutional law, law and religion, human rights law

Coder team coordinator: Marta Górczyńska

Expertise: Human Rights Law and Refugee Law

Coders: Maksymilian Hau, Oliwia Rybczyńska

University of Minho

Dr. Roberto Merrill, Assistant Professor.

Expertise: Ownership democracy, political neutrality, paternalism, pluralism, pre-distribution, basic income, republicanism, applied ethics

University website: go to

West University of Timisoara

Dr. Alexandra Mercescu

Expertise: Law and legal studies, legal theory, epistemology, interdisciplinarity, comparative studies

University of Deusto
Open University of Catalonia
Comillas Pontifical University

Dr. Cristina Churruca, Associate Professor, University of Deusto

Dr. Gorka Urrutia Asua, Associate Professor, University of Deusto

Dr. Francesc Guillén Lasierra, Open University Catalogna

Ana María Huesca González, Assistant Collaborator, Universidad Pontificia Comillas

University of Gothenburg

Dr. Agnes Cornell, Senior Lecturer

University of Zurich

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kübler, Department of Political Science

Expertise: Urban politics and policy, multi-level governance and democracy, alternative forms of citizen participation, representative bureaucracy, public policy analysis and evaluation (social policy, health policy, spatial development policies)