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You can find latest blog posts on the EXCEPTIUS project here. All blog posts are written by the project members.

EXCEPTIUS 1st wave dataset is available online!

We are thrilled to announce that the first version of the EXCEPTIUS dataset, covering the 1st wave (February 2020 – June 2020) of COVID-19 related measures is published online! The dataset follows the rules of Open Access, and is available for everyone. The codebook is included; you can also consult the codebook online. You can

New publications alert

We have happy to announce that our colleagues at the University of Luxembourg have published two papers on COVID-19 topic. Go check them out! Glaurdić, Josip, Christophe Lesschaeve, and Michal Mochtak (2021) Coronavirus pandemic response and voter choice: Evidence from Serbia and Croatia. Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 54 (4): 197–214. Lesschaeve, Christophe, Josip Glaurdić, and Michal

Corpus dataset is available online!

For those of you who have missed the release of our corpus of COVID-19 related legal acts: in collaboration with the linguistic team of the University of Groningen, we have developed an automatic annotation model of documents. The dataset is currently comprised of 21 countries, but we plan to expand it to all countries covered

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