Typevent 9

SUBTYPEVENT901: Extension of administrative competence

Indicates whether administrative competence is being extended to legislative, judiciary, or discretionary competence.

SUBTYPEVENT902: Suspension of administrative deadlines

Indicates whether the document introduces the suspension or extension of administrative deadlines (e.g. to submit tax documents, to extend permits etc.)

SUBTYPEVENT903: Changes in legal procedures

Indicates whether legal procedures (court, suspect transfers, etc.) are changed, restricted or suspended.

SUBTYPEVENT904: Suspension of legal time frames for sale and notary agreements

Indicates whether legal time frames are extended (for a certain duration or indefinitely).

SUBTYPEVENT905: Suspension of procedural time limits (visas, passports, police custody, etc.)

Indicates whether procedural time limits are extended (for a certain duration or indefinitely).

SUBTYPEVENT906: Compensatory measures

An “umbrella” variable to indicate any socioeconomic ad hoc measures that are issued for individuals and small and medium businesses.