General document information


Date when the document is officially announced by the authorities.


Official name of the country in English.


ISO Alpha 3 code of the country (all capitals).


Code of the country according to the Correlates of War system.


Name of the subnational unit (region, province, canton). Either a full name or abbreviation can be used. 


Code of the subnational unit. Can follow either official numbering or one chosen by the national coder.


Name of the legal act. Full name in the native language, plus link to the text (ELI permalink for legal acts) where applicable.


Full text of the document in English (native or machine-translated), if accessible.


Any additional information on the coded document, plus any explications / clarifications of the coded events. 


Spatial coverage of the authorities. Refers to the legal authority that has issued the document.


Geographical coverage of the measures. Refers to the geographical area in which the measures are implemented.


Form of the legal act used. Refers to the legal nature of the act. Ad hoc here means that no prior legislation is used as a legal basis for the current document (i.e. there is no reference to any existing act). Advisory act means that the document includes recommendations to enact measures. 


Legal review of the measures. Indicates whether the measures mentioned in the document were reviewed by another actor.


Specific population groups targeted by the measures.Indicates which population groups are targeted by the measures. In case the group is not mentioned among the categories, the coders are encouraged to list all of them, separated by the semicolon (;).


Stipulated sanctions in case of non-compliance to the measures. Indicated which legal actions are taken against individuals in case of the violation of the rules.


Amount of the maximum fine available or the maximum jail sentence in days. In case when the jail sentence is in months / years, the value is coded as Ny, where N is the value in years (e.g. 6 months in jail will be coded as 0.5y).


Announced duration of the measure. Indicated in days. In case only duration in months is given, a month is calculated as 30 days, in order to simplify the coding. In case the information is missing, the coded value is 999.